An Adobe Flash Player Update, December, 2014 #i150001

This page WILL NOT trick you into opening it, and then open another window. It is not from an obscure California entity, and there are no pop-ups. It is merely a simple resource to decipher the point of a software update, and to figure out if it is necessary.

| By Greg Fisher

A software update became available in December, 2014.

The company providing the "update to Adobe Flash Player" states that it "includes improvements in usability, online security and stability" among other things.

On a pop-up window titled "Update Adobe Flash Player," there is no unique identifier for the update, and no date.

The words in the biggest type "Adobe Flash Player - Downloads" are "Adobe Flash Player Support Center."

That page lists these updates by version.

Flash Player 16
Flash Player 13

Adobe Flash Player version check

Regarding a different program (another piece of software, entirely), a page on the software developer's website is titled, "Adobe - Test Adobe Shockwave Player."

This page, titled, "Flash Player Help," states, "Sorry, your computer does not have the latest Flash Player installed. Please go to step 2. ( Your version15.0.0.223[SIC] Latest Version16.0.0.235[SIC] )"

A page in a different internet domain (macromedia.com) is also titled "Flash Player Help."

On another page, titled, "Adobe - Flash Player," the words in the largest typeface are "Adobe Flash Player."

Among delineation of versions for various operation systems ("Platform") and internet browsers, that page lists Player version "" The page may even indicate the current version.

In one case, in a Mozilla Firefox browser, a message states

The plugin is vulnerable and should be updated.
Activate Adobe Flash.
Check for updates...

Searching for information about this update will turn up any number of entities trying to capitalize on it. Be careful when viewing web pages from unknown, unfamiliar sources.