Red hot nickel ball experiments

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The word Barack

From: Greg Fisher []
Sent: Tuesday, January 22, 2013 1:35 PM
To: John Morse, president and publisher, Merriam-Webster, Inc. (via M. Lunghi)
Subject: Barack, the word, the British

See this message and your response at

Please add the word Barack to your dictionary that includes Elizabeth, George, Edward and David.  Despite President Obama’s 4-year tenure as the leader of the free world, the British still cannot pronounce his name properly.  You, actually, already have a sound file for a homophone of the word.

Thank you, and keep up the great lexicography.  You make me sound smart.

I hope I spelled everything right.

Greg Fisher
A Website About Everything
PO Box 342
Dayton, Ohio 45409-0342

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You’re a Big, Fizzy Douche

Tonight, at the very end of Chuck Lorre’s television show, Two and a Half Men, the vanity card began, “♪ You’re a douche… ♪ ”

Or maybe that word was capitalized because it is probably the title of a nutty bit of gay (bite me) serendipity: A full-on Broadway-style musical production number–on a 1/2-hour sitcom.

Behind the Scenes: ‘Grab A Feather And Get In Line

But, depending on your age, you kind of cringe when you hear, say (or, indeed, write) that word, though, right?  You’re like: I can’t believe they’re doing a musical number that sounds like they’re singing about a feminine hygiene product.  You’re drawn in by shock value, and then you’re RAOTFLMAO (There.  I’m no better.)  It is too funny to hate: One hilarious fart joke.

On another Lorre show, last week, they tackled sexual harrassment.  Again, shock, then raucous (raucous, I say) comedy.

Anyway, I poked around trying to find the card.  When you (as they say) type in chuck lorre vanity card douche, you get stuff about him being a douche, short for douchebag (old skool=jerk), and stuff about that other other guy.  But, I could not care less about his douchiness (not that I even know if he has any), or lack of it.  I’m not even sure how to pronounce his name.  Dude’s shows make me laugh.

You catch glimpses of these kinds of things, now and then, and you gotta love the loopy people (and their perfect comedic timing) for it.

I’ll read the vanity card someday when the producer publishes it or I figure out how to live without a DVR.  Wait–found it (and the rest of the show).  Not capitalized.  Hopefully it’s there tomorrow.  I’m tired, now.  Es ist Zeit für meine Dusche.  Tschüß.  Heh, heh (rhyming in Geman!).

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Photographs of train station interiors

Sometimes the main hall of a passenger train station is called the concourse.  Some stations have been converted to to be used for other purposes (restaurants, hotels or banquet halls).

Photograph thumbnails below link to the actual photo depicted.  Word links lead to additional photographs.

Cincinnati – Union Terminal

San Antonio – Southern Pacific Railroad Station (aka Sunset Station)

Washington, D.C. – Union Station

Philadelphia – 30th Street Station

New York – Pennsylvania Station

New York – Grand Central Terminal



(slideshow, AWebsiteAboutEverything original photographs)
Chicago – Union Station

Kansas City – Union Station

St. Louis

St. Paul






Scranton (Lackawanna)

THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS.  Come back later for more.

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Via the This Week in Travel podcast Episode 109, March 20, 2012–Guest: Francis Tapon.

Tapon talks about city Veliko Târnovo (which suffers with various spellings), Bulgaria and a nearby village (which he pronounced Tur-KEEN-sha) populated by many British expats (30:00).

Referring to Велико Търново, podcast co-host Jen Leo says, “Love it.”

Drop in for coffee or rakia.

CODA: Tapon’s tip:  Listen to podcasts at 2X speed (key word: audiobook) [and: "Scrolling to any point in a song on iPod"! (Who knew?)].

Visit Moldova.


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Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

“Because of the extraordinary public interest in those cases, the Court will
provide the audio recordings and transcripts of the oral arguments on an
expedited basis through the Court’s Website.” - Supreme Court of the United States

For the Session Beginning March 19, 2012

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Jarden, Rival 12-cup coffee maker, 645240811315

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Russell Athletic T-shirt, blend, heather, Navy Heath, 023255359587

This t-shirt found at a retailer matches (except for the color) the one on a web page:

A UPC search website gives this title for the item:  Russell Basic Cotton
Pocket Tee Mens (


Russell pocket T-shirt label


Russell pocket T-shirt full shot


Russell pocket T-shirt length

Stand by for the length after the first, and subsequent, washes (in cold water, line-dry).

The tagless neck tag says that the shirt was made in El Salvador.

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NordicTrack Mens Ss Jersey Tee, Beyond Navy, 650613997022


NordicTrack T-shirt, Beyond Navy

NordicTrack T-shirt, Beyond Navy

“Ss” stands for short sleeve.

This item appears to be be listed on neither nor the Sears website.

NordicTrack T-shirt label

NordicTrack T-shirt

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T-shirt, Kmart, Basic Editions II, 650613004966, new

Kmart T-shirt Basic Editions new
Kmart T-shirt Basic Editions II new
T-shirt Kmart Basic Editions new width
T-shirt Kmart Basic Editions II new width
T-shirt Kmart Basic Editions II new sleeve width
T-shirt Kmart Basic Editions II new sleeve width

This appears to be a duplcate of the previous item, but with a new UPC.  The price changed from $5.98 to to 6.98.

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